About the Levin Center

In 2015 Wayne State University Law School established the Levin Center at Wayne Law to honor the long and distinguished career of former U.S. Senator Carl Levin, a leader in bipartisan, fact-based, in-depth oversight.  The Levin Center has as its mission strengthening the integrity, transparency, and accountability of public and private institutions through the promotion and support of bipartisan, fact-based legislative oversight, advancing good governance, and promoting civil discourse.

As part of Wayne Law, the Levin Center is also committed to training the next generation of attorneys, leaders and advocates for justice by developing academic coursework, training programs, symposia and research that ensures future leaders recognize and embrace their role in promoting honest and open government, maintaining the public trust and holding public and private institutions accountable to high ethical and transparency standards.

The Levin Center is based in both Detroit, Michigan, and Washington, D.C., and will carry out activities where opportunities arise. We try to conduct such activities in a manner that both encourages and exemplifies the use of civil discourse and the maintenance of democratic values.

Additional Oversight Materials

The Levin Center has compiled a multimedia library that includes congressional oversight training videos and links to newsletters, manuals, books, interviews and more.  To view the Levin Center’s multimedia oversight library, click here.

To contact the Levin Center about the content of this website or for more information, email levincenter@wayne.edu or call (313) 577-2731.

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