About the Center for Urban Studies

Since 1967, the Center for Urban Studies (CUS) at Wayne State University has been committed to serving Detroit and its metropolitan area by:

  • Conducting and disseminating research
  • Developing policies and programs
  • Providing training, capacity-building, and technical assistance

Through these approaches, CUS participates in defining and influencing local, regional, state, and national urban policy.  Often, CUS collaborates with Wayne State University faculty to combine their substantive expertise with the methodological skills of CUS staff.  They also work closely with community organizations and local governments to answer key questions about the metropolitan area and about policy or organizational issues.

CUS staff are skilled in techniques of demographic analysis, mapping, evaluation, sample surveys, qualitative data collection, and policy analysis.  CUS also holds expertise in community development, urban studies, demography, economic development, public safety, disabilities, and education.

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